Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons

List of CCC Chairpersons and deputies in Working Groups

Consultative Council for Communities Working Group on Legislation
Gazmen Salijević, Chairman of the CCC
Darko Dimitrijević, Deputy Chairman
Isak Meta, Deputy Chairman
Agim Rifat, Chairman of the WG
Adem Abazaj, Deputy Chairman of the WG
Working Group on Education Working Group on Language
Lendrit Qeli, Chairman of the WG
Amela Radončić, Deputy Chairman of the WG
Sanja Vuković, Chairman of the WG
Sebastijan Čolakić, Deputy Chairman of the WG
Working Group on Employment and Social Issues Working Group on Culture
Lazar Radulović, Chairman of the WG
Dušan Radaković, Deputy Chairman of the WG
Esin Şişko, Chairman of the WG
Živoin Ćirković, Deputy Chairman of the WG