Council has a new set of Rules and Procedures

Consultative Council for Communities
21 Jun 2018, Durres 


CCC secretariat organized a workshop on reviewing and supplementing of the Rules and Procedures and CCC’s Ethics Code. Participating members of the CCC and of the President’s Legal Office, actively engaged in the proceedings of the workshop.

Workshop was opened by Mr. Gazman Salijević, CCC Chairman, who informed the participants on the purpose of this workshop during his address.

The CCC secretary, Ms. Nafiye Gaş, expressed her “ gratitude to the S CCC and Legal Office teams for their commitment and determination to create the necessary conditions for drafting of these two documents of utmost importance to our daily work, decision making, official reporting and delegation of duties and tasks, its review and any necessary reformulations.

Head of the Presidency’s Legal Office, Mr. Besim M. Kajtazi, presented the challenges and  professional engagement undertaken by his staff in order to produce these two documents in as qualitative manner as possible, and potentiated the rights of the communit8ies and other sensitive issues.

After the approval of the content by all participants, the documents were finalized and the workshop was brought to the end.