The nomination session for the Serb community

Assembly Building of the Republic of Kosovo, Hall C 203
July 30, Pristina

The Secretariat of Consultative Council for Communities (S-CCC) has organized internal elections for new members of the Council.


Upon completion of the legal deadline for applications of non-governmental organizations and independent candidates representing a particular community and after the deadlines for completing the documentation and appeals, the S-CCC has started holding the nomination hearings.

The Serbian community with delegates and candidates from 16 organizations and 3 independent candidates voted for five new members of the Council.
Voting organizations:


Centar za zastupanje demokratske kulture – ACDC,


Business Support Center – Štrpce – BSC Štrpce,
Gračanička inicijativa za održivi razvoj – GIOR,
Experimental Studio Group – NVO ESG,
IAMN – Institut za afirmaciju međuetničkih odnosa,
Omladinska Parteška Aktivnost – OPA,
Mreža za građanski aktivizam – MGA,
Nvo Rebus,
Social Knowledge for Real Accountabillity and Transparency – SOKRAT,
Communication for Social Development – CSD
Poljoprivredno udruženje Ženski Kutak,
Udruženje mladih – Mlada aktivna Gračanica
Center for the Rights of Minority Communities – CRMC
Choice of Youth
Centar za mir i toleranciju – CPT
Keshilli i Veprimit Rinor Lokal – Shterpc




According to the procedures at the beginning of September, the President of the Republic of Kosovo takes a decision on the appointment of new members, where their names will be made public.