The nomination session for the Bosnian community

Marash, Prizren
August 1, 2018

The Secretariat of Consultative Council for Communities (S-CCC) has organized internal elections for new members of the Council.


Upon completion of the legal deadline for applications of non-governmental organizations and independent candidates representing a particular community and after the deadlines for completing the documentation and appeals, the S-CCC has started holding the nomination hearings.
In the race for three new members of the Council from the Bosnian community were 19 non-governmental organizations and 2 independent candidates. The eligible voters were from these organizations:


Kulturno umjetnicko društvo Saraj           
Ekološko Udruženje OZON
Wake Up Woman
Assocation for Encouraging Economic Development, Preservation and Affirmation of Building and Construction Tradition Sofra
Vision Spring
Udruženje Bošnjaka OAZA
Kulturno Umetnicko Društvo MERAK
Bošnjačko Omladinski Klub
Bošnjačko Kulturno Umjetničko Društvo Podgorski Biseri
Katedra Slobodnog Uma 
Udruženje Mladih BRASSICA
Udruženje Mladih RELAX
Natural Fresh
Klub Mladih Farmera Podgor
Udruženje za Kulturu Plejada Prizren
NVO Udruženje Žena Ključ
Veća Kongresa Bošnjački intelektualaca Kosova 


According to the procedures at the beginning of September, the President of the Republic of Kosovo takes a decision on the appointment of new members, where their names will be made public.