The visit to Croatia’s Bosniak National Council

4 December 2018, Zagreb


Image: Delegation of the Consultative Council for Communities together with the delegation of Croatia’s Bosniak National Council in Croatia


The delegation from the Consultative Council for Communities (CCC) visited Croatia’s Bosniak National Council in Zagreb.


The CCC chairmanship, consisted of Zivoin Cirkovic, Chairman, Berhil Sasivari, Deputy Chairman, and Adelina Qorraj Emini, Deputy Chairman, met with the Council’s chairmanship at country level and Zagreb city level.


The Kosovo delegation was hosted by Senad Prsić, Chairman of Croatia’s Bosniak National Council, Sead Berberovic, Secretary of the Council, and many other collaborators from the central level.


This was an informational meeting for both parties, and the two delegations discussed about different issues from the daily life and the near past. They also talked about challenges and future plans.


The experiences of the Bosniak Council were very interesting in terms of their development since the 90s to this day.


The Chairman of the CCC, Zivoin Cirkovic, informed him about the Council's mandate, the work done so far, the circumstances and the goals to be achieved in the near future.


The Deputy Chairman, Berhil Sasivari, described before the hosts, in detail, the integration of the Bosnian community in all the aspects of life in Kosovo and stressed that we must always work to protect what we have and search for a better life. 


During the meeting, they agreed to have other meetings and exchanges of experiences, visiting each other, for the benefit of all peoples.