CCC Secretariat

The Secretariat of the Council is responsible for providing legal advice to the chairperson and deputy-chairperson, as well as to the members of the working groups, to provide more functional performance of the Council in accordance with the Constitution and the Law on Communities. The Secretariat is responsible for the work of the Council and working groups including the organization, agenda and leading of plenary sessions. The General Secretary is responsible for the necessary preparations of the Council meetings and of the working groups as well as for the management of the Secretariat. The General Secretary notifies the members of the Council on any matter which are submitted to the Council by foreign agencies.

Members of the CCC Secretariat
  1. Nafiye Gaş, General Secretary of the CCC,
  2. Avnija Bahtijari, Senior Communication Officer at the CCC Secretariat,
  3. Zijush Ahmeti, Senior Legal Officer in the CCC Secretariat,
  4. Sead Bardhi, Senior Legal Officer in the CCC Secretariat,