The mandate of the Consultative Council for Communities includes the securing of a mechanism for the exchange of ideas between the communities and the Government of Kosovo. It helps organizations and does the articulation of the views of the communities and their representatives when questioned legislation, public policies and programs of particular importance to the communities.

It ensures the forum for coordination and counseling between the communities and ensures organizational operation that represents the communities based on the Rules of Procedure which is approved by the Consultative Council for Communities. It enables the communities that in the early stages to participate in legislation and policy initiatives prepared by the Government and the Assembly, to propose initiatives in accordance with the law and to demand that such views are taken into consideration in projects and programs, as well as the annual strategy and the report based on article 13 of this Law.

It enables the communities to participate in the drafting, supervision of programs which are intended for their members. To give recommendations when making decisions regarding the allocation of international funds or the allocation of funds from the budget of the Republic of Kosovo for projects dedicated to the communities. Influence in raising awareness of community concerns in the Republic of Kosovo and contribute to courtesy relations between the communities.