Chairpersons and Deputy Chairpersons 2022 – 2024

List of Chairpersons and Deputy Chairpersons of the CCC and Working Groups

Consultative Council for CommunitiesWorking Group on Legislation
Agim Ferati, Chairman of CCC
Sevim Bërveniku, Deputy Chairman of CCC
Bajram Ilazi,
 Deputy Chairman of CCC
Petar Đorđević, Chairman of the WG
Elizabeth Katherine Gowing, Deputy Cheirman of the WG
Working Group on Education IssuesWorking Group on Language Issues
Atakan Koro, Chairman of the WG
Dževahira Kolenović, Deputy Chairman of the WG
Alemdin Fejza, Chairman of the WG
Alisa Avdi, Deputy Chairman of the WG
Working Group on Employment and Social IssuesWorking Group for Cultural Affairs
Besart Jashari, Chairman of the WG
Nurije Shala, Deputy head of the WG
Miloš Arsić, Chairman of the WG
Mirjeta Qehaja, Deputy Chairman of the WG