The CCC has started work in 2005 as an informal body attached to the Kosovar delegation in the status talks and is formed of representatives of non-majority communities. The Council has established the framework for the protection of the rights of the communities in Kosovo, which has enabled and developed the system of constitutional and legal acts to ensure full protection of the individual rights and community rights for the representatives of non-majority communities in Kosovo. The framework is presented during the talks on the status and later has served for the drafting of the Law on the advancement and protection of the rights of the communities and their representatives, approved in 2008 (Law on Communities).

The CCC is established based on article 60 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, Article 12 of the Law on Communities. The Council is formally stablished by decree of the President on September 15, 2008 and has held its inaugural session on December 23, 2008.