President Osmani at the Consultative Council for Communities: Full support for the protection of the rights of communities

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani chaired the consecutive meeting of the Consultative Council for Communities, which held a minute of silence in honor of the passing away of the member of the Council, the late Gülten Nobırda.

President Osmani conversed with the members of the Council about the issues and concerns of the communities.

She congratulated the Bosniak community on their national day and emphasized that the Consultative Council is one of the most important voices of the communities in the Republic of Kosovo. According to her, this mechanism provides the opportunity for the communities to be involved in legislative initiatives and as a result, to advance the position of the communities in Kosovo.

President Osmani emphasized that the Office of the President held continuous meetings with other institutions and requested the implementation of the recommendations of this Council.

At the meeting of the Consultative Council for Communities, certain recommendations were reviewed regarding the celebration of Diversity Day, the announcement of employment opportunities in the official languages ​​of the Republic of Kosovo and other issues of importance to communities.

According to President Osmani, promoting the rights of communities is a commitment that requires joint engagements.

“As the President of the Republic of Kosovo, I will offer full support, within the constitutional and legal powers, to the protection of the rights of the communities. Hence, I will work to push forward the Council’s recommendations throughout my mandate and, moreover, we will coordinate our activities”, said President Osmani.